Passion for hospitality.

Aria di Vico is a holiday home consisting of five units, located in the historic centre of Vico del Gargano (FG), a small village in the north of Puglia.
It is a project aimed at combining local customs and traditions with modernity.
The rooms have been restored respecting the tradition and furnished with antique and modern furniture, aiming at enhancing, at the same time, details and elegance.

The Gargano, the spur of Italy, has been a tourist destination for decades, is a territory rich in landscapes, in fact, it is not only the sea but also forest and lakes.

Vico del Gargano boasts of being among the 150 most beautiful villages in Italy.

It is located 445 m above sea level with a territory of 110 km² which includes the two fractions of the sea, San Menaio and Calenella, and part of the Umbrian Forest. The latter is the largest Italian deciduous forest with beech trees that, since July 2017, have become part of UNESCO’s heritage.

Most of the tourism is concentrated in the summer months, also considering the particularly cool climate. However, it remains a very popular destination even during the rest of the year in correspondence with religious holidays, especially Saint Valentine, the country’s patron saint.
Other moments of intense participation and emotional preparation are the Holy Week, which engages the faithful and the confraternities in the Easter functions, and the Christmas period in which the village shows itself in all its splendour, wearing lights, stalls, decorations and nativity scenes.
Furthermore, you can take advantage of street food stands that offer the best products in the area.

If you are looking for hospitality, warm hospitality and a perfect climate to spend your holidays in the best way, all you have to do is choose us!

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