Map & GPS

Aria di Vico is located in the center, in the village of Vico Del Gargano.
To reach your destination it is advisable to arrive by car, following the directions provided below which include direct links to the most popular smartphone navigation apps: Waze and Google Maps.

Aria Di Vico on the map

How to reach us

We recommend using the Waze Satellite Navigation App, which you can download and install on your Android or iOS smartphone by following the instructions on the official website at the link

Alternatively you can use Google Maps, which can be installed from PlayStore (for Android) or from the AppStore (for iOS).

Direct links

If you have already installed one of the recommended apps on the smartphone from which you are viewing this page, you can tap directly on its icon below to launch the navigation app that will take you to your destination.

GPS coordinates

If you have another navigator, even fixed in the car, which supports the manual input of GPS coordinates, you can enter the following:

41°53’45.6″ N

15°57’20.2″ E