Vico del Gargano is a legacy that has been left to us by old generations, an immense architectural and cultural treasure, with the obligation to preserve it over time.
The meaning of travel, of vacation, of relaxation has changed: today we no longer speak of pause, but of research into the culture of the place, knowledge of traditions, habits, peculiarities; search for what is not found every day in the routine of everyday life.

These are the values that inspired the Aria di Vico project.
Here one comes to feel good; a kind of experiential tourism, all year round.

The house has a history, the restoration was done with passion and skill of all the people who worked on it. Aria di Vico is also them.

Some photoshoots of the Construction Site

Our Logo

The logo itself is born from the geographical idea of the territory.
The points of the “A” and “V” represent, identified also by the differentiated background, what is above and below Vico.

The Umbra Forest and the sea. In a sort of middle ground, cultures, scents, stories and flavours of this fantastic land blend and unite.

The writing Aria Di Vico, centred with respect to the two vertices, wants to mean just this combination. Air understood precisely for what one breathes, in its entirety, people, places and even some contradictions.

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